Jumpy Cube

A physics-based endless scroller and RL environment


Jumpy Cube started as a quick prototype ((i.e.: developed in one day) for an endless scroller type of game, targeting mobile devices. The game consists of a (partially) physics-based cube which must keep jumping and rolling forward and onto a series of tiles which are randomly generated as the game progresses.

The game is also suitable as a test environment for RL (reinforcement learning) agents. Particularly, the state-space for the game is virtually infinite (since new configurations of tiles are continuously generated) and involves different types of features, including some physics-based like angular velocity and momentum. This puts it roughly on par with continuous control OpenAI Gym environments such as Bipedal Walker and Lunar Lander.

The project is still a work in progress but below you can see a couple videos of the main game mechanics.

Jumpy Cube (prototype). Gameplay mechanics.
Jumpy Cube (prototype). Detail of the random tile generation mechanism.