RED Patterns

A room-scale VR experience with depth-captured environments and redirected walking


RED Patterns is a psychedelic horror room-scale VR experience for HTC Vive. The project is based on an independent 360 movie called Patterns and I was approached to create a VR reinterpretation of it. I did an original proof of concept in Unity and a subsequent extended version in Unreal Engine 4.

The work was commissioned by SAT (Societe des Arts Technologiques, Canada) and co-created with Pierre Friquet, Ando Shah, Mourad Bennacer & Jean-Yves Münch. It was shown at a number of festivals in Europe and the US and won the Immersion Award at the 45th Festival du Nouveau Cinema in Canada.

Indoor environments were captured with Matterport depth cameras. The experience also has sequences of actors’ performances captured with additional depth cameras synched to RGB cameras, and the resulting point clouds where then used to reconstruct mesh approximations inside Unreal.

RED Patterns. HTC Vive, Unreal Engine 4.